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Why Austbrokers?
Equity-based partner business model

As an Austbrokers partner, you remain in control of your day-to-day
operations with the ability to draw on the strength and scale that a large
group brings. Our focus is on allowing you to deliver exceptional client
experiences while supporting you to maximise your business’ growth. We
work with some of Australia’s leading insurers to bring our network
negotiated policy terms and pricing.

Our Solution
Leading risk management & solutions

Austbrokers is a division of the AUB Group, a top 300 ASX listed company
and a leading equity-based risk management, insurance advice and
solutions provider. With Austbrokers, you have access to ample resources
and expertise to become a trusted insurance and risk adviser to your

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Join more than 50 brokerages across 600+ locations Australia-wide across our network, who have already represented over 300,000 customers with their insurance needs every day. To find out how joining Austbrokers could
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Testimonials From our insurance advisers

The Austbrokers network offers a range of experienced broking services more.
Here are a few testimonials from some of the Austbrokers members.

I became Managing Director of Austbrokers Countrywide in 2008 having held a senior role within the company. Austbrokers has proven to be a valuable partner for me as I have grown into the role of leading our organisation into the future. Austbrokers management has always been there to support me, especially as a sounding board in the earlier years as MD. They have allowed me to be in the driver's seat with the knowledge that they are close by, providing guidance and assistance when needed.

Tim Considine
Managing Director , Austbrokers Countrywide

Being part of the Austbrokers family has been a huge benefit. We quite often share knowledge and ideas on how to improve business. I've been able to access other experienced business owners through our involvement in Austbrokers, and there is no doubt in my mind that the spirit of family assistance is embedded within the Austbrokers network.

Matthew Driscoll
Managing Director , Finsura Group

Austbrokers AEI Transport commenced in 2007 as an offshoot of AEI Insurance Brokers. Since then, the business has grown by over 290%. Austbrokers has been a fantastic partner, supporting and driving our business acquisitions and a variety of our growth initiatives.

Tim Wedlock
Managing Director , AEI Group

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